The PTA's Parents' Guide to Student Success provides an overview of what your child will learn kindergarten through high school in mathematics and English language arts/literacy. This guide is based on the new Common Core State Standards


Academic standards are important because they help ensure that all students are prepared for success in college and the workforce. Standards provide an important first step — a clear roadmap for learning for teachers, parents, and students. Having clearly defined goals helps families and teachers work together to ensure that students succeed. They also will help your child develop critical thinking skills that will prepare him or her for college and career.





Education for a Changing World
All children deserve an education that prepares them for college, careers, and citizenship.  Providing students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed requires a new way of thinking about public education. 


Whole Child education focuses on five tenets:

° Each student enters school healthy and learns about and practices a healthy lifestyle.

° Each student learns in an environment that is physically and emotionally safe for students and adults.

° Each student is actively engaged in learning and is connected to the school and broader community.

° Each student has access to personalized learning and is supported by qualified, caring adults.

° Each student is challenged academically and prepared for success in college or further study and for employment and participation in a global environment.


This comprehensive focus requires more of our schools and communities.  Schools simply cannot do this work alone.

New Technology

The school district has added new technology capability and equipment to classrooms, both to prepare students for taking the Smarter Balanced tests online, and to enable teachers to incorporate "blended learning" into their instruction.


How is this working for your student and your family?  


Do you understand your child's assignments, and are you able to give assistance when asked? Would you like parent classes on the use of technology?


Are there problems with the equipment your child was given?


Does your child learn well using computers? 



ILearning Computer Technology