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What Are Our Elected Officials Doing?


June 21, 2016

The Board called an unscheduled meeting with two items of business:

1.  Approve an Overnight Trip to Morro Bay for an AHS FFA Officer Retreat August 2-4, 2016

2.  Award a Contract to paint the Reef-Sunset Middle School campus


June 16, 2016

In Closed Session, the Board considered two expulsions and 5 readmit requests.


Student Board Member Edwin Martinez was recognized for his year of service, but was absent.


Public Comment:  Community member asked for a report from the School Services Study of the district regarding LCAP engagement processes, employee hiring practices and salaries.  The Board agreed to pay $36,400 for this study which was conducted on-site in March.  No results have yet been presented in a public meeting. 


Presentation:  Pastor Woelk talked about the current legislation and federal recommendations regarding transgender students.  He is very concerned about restroom use practices.  There were questions and discussion, with comments from one of the district's lawyers.


Consent Calendar:  The public is still not being given access to district expenditure records through the publication of a list of monthly warrants annotated to identify actual purchases and services, as is done by the Hanford JUHSD, and has been requested repeatedly here for RSUSD.


Action Items:  

A.  An AHS pirate mural drawing was approved to be painted on the auditorium's south exterior wall.

B.  The LCAP for 2016-17 was approved without any genuine stakeholder discussion either at this meeting or at the "hearing" previously scheduled and unattended by the public.

C.  The 2016-17 Budget was likewise approved minus stakeholder comment.

D.  District Educator Effectiveness Spending Plan likewise approved minus input.

E.  JSO Agreement -- Board was unhappy with the cost split proposed by City.

Items F, G, H, I were approved.

J.  Board voted to authorize a Bond Election on November 8, 2016.  

Items K, L, and M were approved.

Item N was pulled from the Agenda.

O.  New CSBA recommended Board Policies were approved as 1st reading.

P.  Parent-Student Handbooks were approved even though they were not ready for publication.

Q.  Item was added to hire a Wood/Metal Shop teacher on waiver.


Discussion Items:  Health Insurance and Benefits item was tabled.  KCES field renovation costs were discussed and it was suggested that this be brought up at KCES Open House with parents.






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