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Reef-Sunset Unified District 
Board of Trustees

Board President- Lupe Chavez - Area 4 

Board Clerk- Claudia Cazares - Area 1

Board Member- Lilia Rizo - Area 2

Board Member- Lissette Padilla - Area 3

Board Member- Precilla Barrera-Lopez - Area 5

Student Board Member-  


School districts are governed by an elected Board of Trustees.  Each board member represents a different geographical area within the boundaries of the school district.  School board policy and the Ed Code state that:

The Board of Trustees has been elected by the community to provide leadership and citizen oversight of the district. The Board shall ensure that the district is responsive to the values, beliefs, and priorities of the community. The Board shall work with the Superintendent to fulfill its major responsibilities, which include:

1. Setting the direction for the district through a process that involves the community, parents/guardians, students, and staff and is focused on student learning and achievement

2. Establishing an effective and efficient organizational structure for the district by:

a. Employing the Superintendent and setting policy for hiring of other personnel

b. Overseeing the development and adoption of policies

c. Establishing academic expectations and adopting the curriculum and instructional materials

d. Establishing budget priorities and adopting the budget

e. Providing safe, adequate facilities that support the district's instructional program

f. Setting parameters for negotiations with employee organizations and ratifying collective bargaining agreements

3. Providing support to the Superintendent and staff as they carry out the Board's direction by:

a. Establishing and adhering to standards of responsible governance

b. Making decisions and providing resources that support district priorities and goals

c. Upholding Board policies

d. Being knowledgeable about district programs and efforts in order to serve as effective spokespersons

4. Ensuring accountability to the public for the performance of the district's schools by:

a. Evaluating the Superintendent and setting policy for the evaluation of other personnel

b. Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of policies

c. Serving as a judicial (hearing) and appeals body in accordance with law, Board policies, and negotiated agreements

d. Monitoring student achievement and program effectiveness and requiring program changes as necessary

e. Monitoring and adjusting district finances

f. Monitoring the collective bargaining process

5. Providing community leadership and advocacy on behalf of students, the district's educational program, and public education in order to build support within the local community and at the state and national levels.

The Board is authorized to establish and finance any program or activity that is not in conflict with, inconsistent with, or preempted by law.  


District Policies can be found at:




The Board of Trustees desires to provide a comprehensive, research-based curriculum that motivates every student to succeed. The district's educational program shall provide students with opportunities to attain the skills, knowledge, and abilities they need to be successful in school and develop to their full potential.  


The Board will ensure that a process is in place, involving teachers, administrators, students, and parents, for the development and review of the district's curriculum.  


The Board recognizes that sustained parent involvement in the education of their children contributes greatly to student achievement and a positive school environment.  The Superintendent shall consult with parents in the planning and implementation of parent involvement programs, and activities.  He also shall involve parents in decisions regarding how the district's funds will be allotted for parent involvement activities.  


NOTE:  LCFF/LCAP planning guidance uses such language as "genuine engagement" and "active participation" and "full inclusion" with "transparency" to clarify the quality of stakeholder involvement required in program decision-making and allocation of funding.


This means that YOU -- parents, students, teachers and other school staff, community members  -- ALL need to all be at the planning table when decisions are made about our children's education and our public schools.  



Our Communities

Reef-Sunset Unified School District is located in the city of Avenal which is situated on the coastal range foothills in the Western San Joaquin Valley in Kings County.  The district is comprised of three elementary schools, one junior high school, one comprehensive high school, two continuation high schools, one elementary community day school, and one secondary community day school.   Enrollment is approximately 2,600 students in grades K-12 .

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