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   (Essential information for parents/community about LCAP)  *****


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   (These are helpful links for Teachers, from Corcoran's website.)

   (These are helpful links for Parents, from Corcoran's website.) 

   (These are helpful links for Students, from Corcoran's website.)   

    (This is all about the Common Core State Standards) 

    (This is the official CA /Dept of Education and State Board of Ed site.) 

    (This is the PTA Parents' Guide to Student Success.**) 

    (California PTA Family Engagement Page, with Parents' Rights, etc.** 

    (Many resources on incorporating the Arts in the Common Core) 

    (Facts about CA schools) 

    (Quality Schooling Framework*) 

    (Need for Teacher Voice in decision-making)  

   (Effective use of technology in education) 

    (US Department of Education) 

   (Organization for parent involvement in education) 

    (ASCD document on Whole Child education) 

    (Importance of music education)

   (Education Week:  news daily, and many good webinars)

   (National Center on Education and the Economy) news and blogs

   (Professional social and learning network*)

   (Daily tech news and innovation, with webinars and white papers also)

   (News and resources for teachers, including many webinars*)

   (Updates on education in California; highlights strategies for student          success; for educators and parents**)

   (Alliance for Excellent Education, information about high school reform**)

    (Smarter Balanced Assessment System information*)

   (Access thousands of education resources; learning modules for educators on the Common Core State Standards; collaborate with teaching peers.***)

   (NBC Learn is an online newsletter with various resources.)

   (This is a teacher resource that connects you with other teachers.)

   (This is a site where you will find "The Handbook on Family and Community Engagement" and many other resources.)

   (This has videos for teachers.)

   (Great resource for engaging families.)  **

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A Parent Resource Center es un lugar donde los padres pueden venir y sentir bienvenidos, tener un sentido de pertenencia y estar seguros de que sus ideas, preocupaciones y opiniones son valoradas y se tratarán de una manera oportuna. Con un personal de representantes de padres, el Centro ofrece un ambiente seguro y cálido para crecer, aprender y conectar.


Los estudios han encontrado que si las escuelas adoptan prácticas bien diseñados para involucrar a las familias, tales como centros de padres, que "puede dar lugar a larga duración efectos positivos en la mejora de rendimiento de los estudiantes."


Centros de padres ayudan a promover la participación de la familia en la educación de los niños y fomentar las relaciones de colaboración entre las familias, la escuela y la comunidad. Los programas del Centro, las actividades y los recursos de apoyo a todas las familias en el rendimiento académico y el éxito de sus hijos en la escuela y en la vida.


Centros de Padres son un eslabón fundamental y esencial hacia la creación de un ambiente escolar integrado e inclusivo. Un Centro de Padres bien gestionada puede servir como un maestro, trabajador social y defensor de los padres; y tiene un papel importante en la eliminación de las barreras, abordar las cuestiones de los padres autoestima, y ​​proporcionar conocimientos e información a los padres en un idioma que puedan entender.


El Centro de Padres ayuda a las familias en la construcción de fuertes de la familia, la escuela y las asociaciones comunitarias para aumentar la participación de los padres en la educación de nuestros hijos, con el objetivo de aumentar el rendimiento académico estudiantil.


Éstos son algunos de los servicios que el Centro de Padres ofrece:


· Ofrecer diferentes talleres (es decir, la formación informática, consejos para padres, etc.)

· Distribución de información para familias

· Conectar a las familias para apoyo de padre a padre

· Localización de recursos útiles para las familias y las escuelas

· Oportunidades de oferta de voluntariado


En resumen, el Centro de Padres es un habilitador crítico en las escuelas para ayudar a los padres a ampliar su capacidad para apoyar a sus hijos emocional, social e intelectualmente.







A Parent Resource Center is  a place where parents can come and feel welcome, have a sense of belonging and be reassured that their ideas, concerns, and opinions are valued and will be addressed in a timely manner.  Staffed with Parent Liaisons, the Center provides a safe and caring environment for growing, learning and connecting.


Studies have found that if schools adopt well-designed practices to engage families, such as parent centers, it "can result in long-lasting positive effects on improving student achievement."


Parent centers help promote family involvement in children’s education and foster collaborative relationships between families, the school, and the community. Center programs, activities, and resources support all families in their children’s academic achievement and success in school and in life.


Parent Centers are a critical and essential link toward creating an integrated and inclusive school environment.  A well run Parent Center may serve as a teacher, social worker, and parent advocate; and has an important role in breaking down barriers, addressing issues of parent self-esteem, and providing knowledge and information to parents in a language they can understand.  


The Parent Center assists families in building strong family, school, and community partnerships to increase parental involvement in our children’s education, with the goal of increasing student academic achievement.


Here are some of the services a Parent Center provides:


·         offering different workshops (i.e. computer training, parenting tips, etc.)

·         distributing family-friendly information

·         connecting families for parent-to-parent support

·         locating useful resources for families and schools

·         offering volunteer opportunities


In short, the Parent Center is a critical enabler at schools to help parents expand their capacity to support their children emotionally, socially, and intellectually.

This is only a beginning -- there are so many good places to find information on education.  Please let me know of other resources you want to add!



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