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2015 MATH BOWL at AHS Gym








If you have not heard of anything special happening at your school to help your children excel at Math, now is the time to contact teachers and principals and ask them to plan fun FAMILY NIGHT activities with displays of engaging student projects.  Parent Math Nights help to explain the new Common Core standards, new teaching materials, and the various ways that Math is personalized to meet individual student needs.


For some FUN HOME ACTIVITIES and eye-openers, check out these sites:


This is a guide for parents from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics:


Here are other resources for parents:


  • Parent/Guardian Overview Brochures—explain Common Core State Standards to pa​rents/guardians, providing insights into what students will learn and highlighting progression through the grade levels.


Current ways of approaching math learning:


Fun math challenges


Free math materials


Computer programing


Engaging math lessons


Challenging fun math



Wazzit Trouble








             Math is FUN and FUNdamental !

What are OUR Schools Doing?

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