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SPRING 2017 OPEN HOUSES scheduled for:

Kettleman City on April 4

Reef-Sunset Middle School on April 6

Tamarack Elementary on April 19

Avenal Elementary on April 25

Avenal High School onApril 26

SPRING 2016 OPEN HOUSES were scheduled for:

Avenal High School on March 29 at 6 pm

Kettleman City Elementary on April 5

Reef-Sunset Middle School on April 7

Avenal Elementary on April 26

Tamarack Elementary on May 11

Joint City Council/School Board Meetings were formerly held in the Avenal Theater building.  Everyone was invited to attend these public meetings to help plan youth opportunities/services.  NOTE:  These joint meetings have not been continued on a regular basis.  WHY?

LCAP Parent Meetings 2016-17 

September 13 at Avenal Elementary @ 6 pm

September 19 at RS Middle School @ 6 pm

September 21 at Kettleman City @ 6 pm

September 27 at Tamarack @ 6 pm

September 28 at Avenal High School @ 6 pm



2015-16 LCAP Public Meeting Calendar

September 22 at Avenal Elementary @ 6:30 pm

October 27 at Kettleman City @ 6:30 pm

November 9 at Tamarack Elementary @ 6:30 pm (Was Postponed to February 1st)

January 26 at Reef-Sunset Middle School @ 6:30 pm

February 23 at Avenal High School @ 6:30 pm

May 9 Draft Public Meeting in Board Room @ 6:30

June 7  LCAP Public Hearing in Board Room @ 5:30

June 16  LCAP Board Adoption in Board Rm @ 6 pm


TUESDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2015 at 6:30 pm






An LCAP PUBLIC MEETING was held Tuesday, Sept 22, 2015 at Avenal Elementary School @6:30 pm. These meetings are to plan what kind of education your children will receive next year.


Did you attend?  Was the meeting interesting, exciting, and time well spent? 


Were you glad that you went and and did you feel that you learned a lot, contributed meaningfully, and helped pave the way for your child’s success?


Or did you suspect that you had been used and manipulated into simply rubber-stamping what some district “leaders” had already decided they were going to do TO your children with YOUR tax dollars?


PREPARE before you go!  There are EXCELLENT online materials to help us all learn how we can be real PARTNERS in educating our children.  Have you seen and used these resources?,,






THREE of the five Board members were present.  An unidentified/unintroduced man also sat at the Board table next to Supt East.  Most school administrators attended, as well as a few other district/school employees.  There were few parents, but some students were there to give reports about school activities. THREE MEMBERS OF THE KINGS COUNTY GRAND JURY WERE ALSO PRESENT.


Here is the Agenda:


Two items (GATE program, and Athletic Director position) were removed from Discussion, due to the absence of Members Collins and Jimenez.


COMMUNICATION (lack of) was once again on the discussion agenda, and Member Lopez suggested that we examine the effectiveness of what we are now doing.  Ms. Monohon gave the Board handouts for excellent RESOURCES ALREADY AVAILABLE that have been provided by the CA Dept of Ed as well as by state organizations such as PTA.  She pointed out that there are many other stakeholder education materials that THIS DISTRICT IS SIMPLY IGNORING AND NOT PUBLICIZING TO PARENTS AND STAFF.  WHY ?


Parents themselves have given the District a list of ways to more effectively involve stakeholders in education planning.  Parents have encouraged the District to "make a BIG DEAL of" these LCAP meetings.  Boring long-winded presentations and lack of informative engaging materials/discussions are NOT helping to make PARENTS FULL PARTNERS in decision-making!










LAST YEAR 2014-2015


Kettleman City,  August 18

Avenal Elementary,  August 25

Tamarack,  September 1

Avenal High School,  September 9

Reef-Sunset Middle School,  September 10















Open House at Tamarack Elementary on May 13 was well attended and there were special displays of student work set up in the Cafeteria as well as in classrooms.  It is obvious that students have been busy with learning projects that are of interest to them.  The 4th grades at this school apparently did not have their field trips to California missions cancelled (as did AES), because there were nice student write-ups about these trips on their display boards.  There was also a great visual on-screen presentation using technology.


Open House at Avenal Elementary on April 28 was well attended and there was a lot for the community to see.  Hallways showcased student work, and more was displayed in classrooms where it was evident that students are doing hands-on projects to demonstrate their learning.  4th grade students made models of CA missions, but were denied the experience of seeing a real mission due to cancellation of their field trip.  (Where did this money go?)


An Open House was held at Avenal High School on Wednesday March 25 from 6-7 p.m.  Attendance was not overwhelming.  Some classrooms had perhaps a dozen parents pass through, others almost none.  The event was not effectively publicized.  RSMS open house was not well attended either, although teachers had prepared attractive displays of student work and provided great refreshments!


Casa Abierta en Tamarack Primaria el 13 de mayo fue muy concurrido y había exhibiciones especiales de trabajos de alumnos establecidos en la cafetería, así como en las aulas. Es obvio que los estudiantes han estado ocupados con proyectos de aprendizaje que son de interés para ellos. Los cuarto grados de esta escuela al parecer no tenían sus visitas a misiones de California cancelados (al igual que AES), porque no eran buenos estudiantes escribir-ups sobre los viajes en sus tableros. También hubo una gran presentación visual en pantalla utilizando la tecnología.


Casa Abierta en Avenal Primaria el 28 de abril fue muy concurrido y había un montón de la comunidad para ver. Los pasillos mostró el trabajo del estudiante, y más se muestra en las aulas donde se hizo evidente que los estudiantes están haciendo proyectos prácticos para demostrar su aprendizaje. Estudiantes de 4to grado hicieron modelos de misiones CA, pero se les negó la experiencia de ver una misión real debido a la cancelación de su viaje de estudios. (Dónde se fue ese dinero?)


Una jornada de puertas abiertas se celebró en Avenal High School el Miércoles 25 de marzo de 6-7 pm La asistencia no fue abrumadora. Algunas aulas tenían tal vez una docena de padres pasan por, otros casi ninguno. El evento no fue publicitado con eficacia. RSMS casa abierta no fue bien atendidos, ya sea, aunque los profesores habían preparado exhibiciones atractivas de trabajo del estudiante y proporcionado grandes refrescos!


Below are some ideas used by other school districts to encourage attendance by making their schools truly welcoming to the whole community.


Create an Open House Committee

Invite and encourage participation from teachers, staff, PTO/PTAs, community partners, neighbors and other stakeholders (neighborhood groups, businesses). 

• Meet with staff on the best way to welcome and guide visitors. 


Promote the Open House

• Consider the best communication methods for your school community. Some communities listen to more radio, others rely on print newsletters, and still others prefer web communications.  

• As a general rule; invitation postcards should be sent two weeks before the Open House. Phone calls can be sent one week before, as well as the day before the event.

• Post event details on your school’s website and Facebook page. Request that PTO/PTA and community partner Facebook pages ‘share’ your event post.

• Post open house posters and flyers at community partner locations (RAP, City, etc).

• Provide translation support for open house postcards and flyers. 

• Post event posters on the school’s main doors, at the main office and on bulletin boards.

• Backpack home open house invitations or postcards two weeks before the event (consider email as well).


Create an Engaging Open House Agenda

• Welcome greeting by the principal (over loudspeaker, as well as personal warm handshakes.)

• Do something fun! Raffles, free school t-shirts, contest, etc.

• Use special signs as well as students/staff to direct traffic to main entrances.

• Invite departments to set up information tables including PTO, Booster Clubs, Athletic Department, School Clubs, Community Education, Parent Academy, etc.

• Decorate environment with school colors and materials to demonstrate your school’s special theme or focus.

   Set up an art gallery of student work.

• Incorporate stickers, badges or buttons to clearly identify staff and their positions. 

• Use student musical entertainment or highlight student projects to create a welcoming environment.

• Make sure all classroom doors are propped open and lights are on.

• Have a sign-in sheet for families with sections for: Name, email, address, phone.

• Collect evaluation exit cards before parents and students leave the open house.


 Create information packets for guests. Consider if you need to include any of the following:

 “Welcome” letter from principal and staff

 School calendar and upcoming event information

 Staff and academic department leads contact list

 Curriculum, period and program guide for each grade

 List of school programs/clubs/activities

 Extended Day and Community Education information

 Map of school

 Conduct expectations

 PTO, Booster Club and volunteer contact information

 History of school, famous alumni and recent awards and positive press page


Good community relations depend on good planning that reflects a genuine desire to be responsive to all stakeholders.  Below is RSUSD School POLICY:


The Board of Trustees recognizes the district's responsibility to keep the public informed regarding the goals, programs, achievements, and needs of the schools and district and to be responsive to the concerns and interests of the community.The Superintendent or designee shall establish strategies for effective two-way communications between the district and the public….


The Superintendent or designee shall utilize a variety of communications methods in order to provide the public with access to information. Such methods may include, but are not limited to, district and school newsletters, web sites, social networking pages or other online communications technologies, direct email communications, mailings, notices sent home with students, recorded telephone messages for parent/guardian information, community forums and public events, news releases, meetings with education reporters and editorial boards, presentations at parent organization meetings, and meetings with representatives of local governments, community organizations, and businesses.


The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that staff members are responsive to requests by parents/guardians or members of the public for information or assistance and may provide staff with professional development in their"customer service" role as needed.


The Superintendent or designee shall provide multiple opportunities for members of the public to give input on district and school issues and operations. Community members are encouraged to become involved in school activities, participate on district and school committees, provide input at Board meetings, submit suggestions to district staff, and use the district's complaint procedures as appropriate.



OPEN HOUSES were scheduled for the following evenings:

Kettleman City Elementary on Tuesday, April 7

RS Middle School on Thursday, April 9

Avenal Elementary on Tuesday, April 28

Tamarack Elementary on Wednesday, May 13

(The TES Open House was postponed from April 22 and

the district/school website calendars were not updated )

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