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Public schools belong to the public -- they are Our Schools for Our Children.  We are taxed to support them; we have a right and obligation to participate in their governance.  To do this we all need INFORMATION -- current dependable information!


This website is meant to help you find information, including important things that your school officials may not be sharing.  In today's world, with the Internet, we have access to facts and ideas that were previously available only to a minority of the population. Now we can all find out pretty much whatever we want to know. Hooray!


As a parent, you have the right to know something about the people running your schools and teaching your children.  So here is A STARTING RESOURCE FOR YOU, a place where the public can go to learn about our educators' qualifications.  On this State website you can look up your child's teachers, your school principal, and our district superintendent to see what credentials they hold.


Website: California Commission on Teacher Credentialing


(Click on "Search for an Educator," then on "Public Search", then type in the name of the teacher, and you will see that person's California credentials.)


For example, you will find that our Avenal High School Principal and Asst. Principal only have Multiple Subject teaching credentials (meant for K-8 teachers), not Single Subject credentials that indicate expertise in subjects taught at the secondary level.  Interesting!


The same is true for our current district Superintendent, by the way. 


Of course, the Multiple Subject teaching credential is most appropriate for our elementary school principals, and this is what most of these administrators have.


All district administrators have CA Administrative credentials, although a couple are either "Preliminary" or simply a "Certificate of Eligibility" rather than a Clear credential; this indicates that all requirements have not yet been met.


So, if your children are in high school and you want the best possible answers about how to support their learning, you will want to GO STRAIGHT TO THE TEACHERS, because they are the ones with high school credentials in the subjects they teach; THEY ARE THE EXPERTS!


(Watch this page for more tips on things you should know!)



Look here for your parental rights:


Education Code 56320



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